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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  May 31, 2015 11:00pm-12:06am EDT

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nbc 10 news starts now. >> right now at 11:00 track storms. heavy vein hitting parts of our area. you can see on the nbc 10 first alert radar, more severe weather is headed our way. our cameras caught the lightning in quakertown bucks county. someplaces are seeing heavy downpours. there is a flash flood warning for parts of your region. i'm denise nakano. a drastic change for our weather tonight. et cetera a going to be cooper and wet this week. michele, their watches and warnings? that's right. we've been seeing rain the past few hours in spotsd to the north and west. three and four inches in some
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spots. localized flot flooding. mainly to the north and west of philadelphia. we're continuing to see this at this hour. you can see the flow of moist is summerlike today. temperatures reaching 92. it felt like summer and it looks like summer with these thunderstorms. and heavy downpours. wouldle a see that tonight and through monday. the darker shading is indicating the heavier downpours. parts of levi valley. durkstown into poconos. we are seeing lightning, hearing thunder. localized flooding, pny sized hail in some spots. winds up to 16 miles per hour. we have a front moving through. it's very, very slow moving. that's why we are seeing the training to the north and west. it looks like the cold weather is rt staing to move slowly and will continue to do so overnight. we have a flash flood warning in effect in the poconos car ob and monroe county until 11:45 and 12:15 in burke's county and levi
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county andly high valley until 12:15. it's humid. that's informing to help fuel the storms. we'll seen to see the storms overnight, into monday and into tuesday. we'll track that for you and also tracking cooler air before it starts to warm back up for next weekend. >> the nbc 10 morning team will help you avoid any problems as we track the storms latest weather alerts, traffic troubles, and breaking news starting al at 4:00 a.m. >> the world is a better place because of beau. the country is a better place because of beau and the world is a better place because of beau biden. >> tonight the tributes continue to pour in for delaware's beau biden. he was a popular politician, a decorated iraq veteran and a devoted husband and father. funeral arrangements are still being made for the 46-year-old who called delaware home. he died yesterday at walter read
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army medical center outside washington. drew smith is live in digital operations center with what people are saying tonight. >> reporter: from the halls of congress to the streets of delaware there is a real feeling of sadness tonight. but that's mixed with appreciation for what beau biden was able to accomplish during his life 46ees, cut short by cancer. in delaware flags remain at half staff tonight a salute to beau biden a former state attorney general and national guardsman dead from brain cancer. >> beauie, i love you. i'm so proud of you. >> reporter: beau chose to go his own way as a rising political star. >> he didn't want to rest on his dad's laurels. i think that was part of why he didn't run for senate. >> our simple thee. >> reporter: today senators met in a special sunday seg but both parties paused to pay respect to vice president joe biden's son. president obama and the first
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lady visited the bidens today, a family familiar with tragedy. this 1972 photo shows joe biden senate swearing in. it happened in a hospital room with his young son, beau a survivor in a crash that killed his mother and sister. >> i'm very, very sorry that joe has had to go through this terrible or deal losing a son after having lost a daughter. >> reporter: >> reporter: from political leaders to sports fans at the dover speedway. >> our hearts go out to them. >> there is support for this grieving family. >> it is a great family. a very great emfamiliar deeply saddened. >> reporter: the major general of the delaware national guard put out a statement saying he is personally devastated by this. biden served in iraq is entitled to full military honors at his funeral. >> beau biden served his country and his community for years. nbc 10 delaware bureau reporter tim furlong has watched that
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work unfold. and he today talked to people about the impact biden will have on delaware long after his death. >> reporter: in 1972 beau biden was injured in a car crash that killed his mother and daeb sister. for decades delawareans have been following the bidens in good times and bad. taking political opinions out of it i think it's safe to say right now most delawareans are hurting along with this family. it is an exceptionally tough day at the boyden family's church. parishioners usually see them here. that's how it works in the small state. >> you go to the 5k, you see your governor. go to church and you see your senator. >> beau was a favorite of the every man. thought of him as a really good high quality person. then oh, yeah he's in politics. >> the old saying in politics our friends come and go but our enemies accumulate. that might be true for his dad
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and for me. but that was not true for beau. people loved and radio veered him. >> reporter: i met with governor markel at his home sunday. clearly a fan of beau biten's work in delaware. he was a bronze star winning major in the delaware national guard. he was deployed to iraq in 2008. he went after corporations that ripped off consumers and etch in the midst of his health problems and scares he work to protect children from sexual predators. he fought this fight even after he began to hide from the spotlight as his own medical condition worsened. >> higgs commitment was unmatched by anything i have ever seen in life. >> he was so down to earth and he was so decent and he was so genuine. he was good to everybody. he was respectful to everybody. >> reporter: beau biden said he was going to run for governor in 2016. he probably could have won his father's former senate seat. but he said he had unfinished work to do in the attorney
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general's office. he is certainly to be missed here in delaware. >> you can koup on nbc 10 for complete coverage of the passing of beau biden. download our nbc 10 news app for any new information and funeral arrangements. now to a developing story out of washington. the national security agency is about to lose its authority to collect american phone records in bulk. the patriot act expires in less than an hour a. sunday senate session failed to produce a last-minute deal to extend it. intelligence officials warn the outcome amounts to a win for terrorists but critics of the program say it is an unconstitutional intrusion into american privacy. the program is all but certain to be avived in a matter of days. new at 11:00 a deadly stabbing over a cell phone. tonight police are searching for a teenager they say stabbed a man to death following an argument over a off and on in east falls of it happened after 7:00 tonight on the 3100 block
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of berkeley drive. medics took the victim to the hospital, where he died. also new at 11:00. shot and robbed. philadelphia police are searching for two masked men who robbed a man getting out of his car on 18ths street and west oak lane and then shot him in the stomach. it happened just before 9:30 tonight. the two suspects were last seen in a green vehicle driving north on pitville street. the victim is in critical condition but is expected to survive. new information on a 13-year-old girl who remains in critical condition after getting caught in the crossfire during a philadelphia shooting. family members tell us the girl underwent more surgery today, and doctors were able to remove the bullet. she was shot friday night while sitting on the front steps of her row home in kensington. police are still searching for the suspects. a call to stand up against gub violence in philadelphia today. it was held in honor of james
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stuhlman who was shot and killed back in march while walking his dog. residents and clergy gathered for the vigil against gun violence in overbrook. they walked to the site of the ddly shootingful organizers say their focus is getting illegal guns off the streets. >> most of the murders that we have seen or heard lately have been done with illegal guns. the two guys that killed my son they had illegal guns. the guys that killed james, they had illegal guns. >> the group called for an end to straw purchasing when a person buys a gun for a convicted felony or someone who can't pass a background check. a warning for residents living near the nuclear plan in limric montgomery county expect to hear sirens at 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. don't worry. it's the just a test. it is a one of two conducted at the facility every year. tomorrow contractors will study the roof and air duct of a fire house in atlantic city to try to solve a mold issue that's
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making fire crews there sick. the prop is with fire station number 1 at maryland and atlantic avenues. darks colored mold is forming on ceilings and near air ducts. crews are experiencing shortness of breath, migraines, and dry eyes. fire officials closed off the living quarters and sent staffers to a large tent set up next to their fire engines. the union, calling the situation urgent. next at 11:00, look out below. a dangerous situation unfolds on manhattan street. find out what went wrong hundreds of feet in the air. and planting a seed for the future. a garden that's growing more than just fruits and veggies. how it's also spreading hope. it was a summer like day today. reached a high of 92. summer like storms gusty wind and heavy rain we are going to continue to track the locally heavy rain as well. and we'll look at the seven-day
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in just a few minutes.
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a crane accident sent debris flying if new york city today injuring construction workers and ped streensz below. it happened just after 10:30 this morning on madison avenue. an industrial air conditioner was being hoist by a crane to the top of the building when a cable suddenly snapped. the air conditioner fell about 28 stories down. a total of ten people suffered minor injuries, and the building was damaged. the mayor says the city will conduct a full investigation.
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secretary of state john kerry is expected to arrive in boston tomorrow for medical treatment. he broke his league while bicycling through the french alps. kerry broke his fumer after his bike hit a curb. his to the extentman says the seth is in great spirits, has held a number of phone calls. a local doctor not involved in kerry's care says he should make a full recovery. >> if it's a simple fracture, one that doesn't involve a lot of work and they can fix relatively easily. he may be in the hospital only a couple of days. be walking quickly and be back to work and travel within six weeks. >> the state department says kerry will miss a planned visit to spain as well as a meeting in paris with coalition partners about countering isis. a move to make cancer treatments more gentle for children has paid off. that's according to a study funded by the national cancer institute. it found that more kids are surviving than ever before. and without the long term
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complications from harsher treatments. since the 1990s, many doctors have made an evident to give smaller more targeted doez doses of radiation, avoid certain drugs, and change the way chemo is given. hundreds walked to help battle a potentially deadly disorder. nbc 10 at the national eating disorders association second annual philadelphia walk. former miss america and eating disorder survive kerstin hagland helped lead the way for walkers at the philadelphia zoo. she was joined by other survivors who say it is an issue that needs to be talked about. >> the stigma that goes on about them. and it's just great to raise awareness because it's a really big problem in our society. >> an estimated 20 million women and 10 million men in the u.s. suffer from an eating disorder. athletes going for gold today in delaware county.
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fans cheered on 18 special olympics athletes as they competed in a tennis match at the health plex sports club in springfield. and when the playing was done the celebrating began with an awards ceremony and pizza party for the athletes and their families. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> no matter what you did outdoors you needed water today. it was hot. humid, we reached a high of 92. first 90-degree day of the season. it felt like summer. looked like summer. we had summer like storps storms and we are continuing to see them at this hour and we will continue to see them the next 36 hours. showers and storms we will continue to track them. localized downpours and localized flooding two to three inches an hour in some spots continuing through monday into early tuesday. gusty winds and small hail. that was the story today. not so much tomorrow. there is a small threat for that
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but the bigger threat is the heavy rains. here is the severe storm tracker. heavy rains. small chance for hail, and smaller chance for tornadoes. activity mainly north and west of philadelphia. we are looking at heavy rain and we are continuing to see the same spots being hit over and over again. we are finally making some progress. we have a cold front that's moving so slowly through the area but finally is making progress. poconos, two inches an hour three inches an hour. we're seeing up to four in spots. burks county. ly high valley. we'll continue to track this here as we zoom in closer. here is a heavy thunderstorm over redding right now. lightning and thunder. if you are out and about and need to travel tonight be careful around the thunderstorms because they can drop at love rain in short amount of time. west chers, goshen seeing heavy
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rain as well. where you see the darker shading is where you are seeing the heavier downpours. outside in philadelphia we are dry. mostly cloudy but we are sticky warm. and that is fuelling the storm to the north and west where we are seeing the trigger point with the cold front. rain cooled in mount pocono 58 degrees. 65 in allentown. you can clearly see where the front is. the dividing line between the green and the yellow. 77 warmer in philadelphia. 72 in louisville. this cold front will finally move through. it's going to take a while. tuesday finally clearing the area. but the humidity stays with us on monday. future weather here, monday 2:00, overnight hours, still seeing heavy downpours. you will hear them as you are sleeping on the roof -- you are not sleeping on the roof. you are going to hear the rain on the roof. scoots down to the south and east in new jersey. that's where we'll change the focus tomorrow to parts of southern new jersey seeing that heavy rain by monday 4:00.
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cold front skirting through the area slowly. and heavy rain falling through parts of southern new jersey monday at 7:00. it's not out of here until tuesday. then we start the clearing process on tuesday before we dry out on wednesday. it's going to be warm tonight. temperatures in the 60s. 68 in philadelphia. tuesday, one to four inches of rain and locally higher amounts. we'll talk about that and we are going to track more rain for you on tuesday and also monday and look at the seven-day for the cooldown in just a few minutes. we'll see how bradford and kiev lar are adjusting. even the fans are having hard luck at citizen's bank park. ouch. how things went from bad to worse when we come back. #
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. this is the x finty sports desk. i'm danny bomb else with you once again. the start to the phillies nine game home stand was like having a vanilla cone dipped in gemmies on a hot summer day only to drop it on the sidewalk. the phillies not the only ones having bad luck lately. this fan takes a foul ball right off the dome. got to pay attention out there when you are sitting in the sounds. top of the foirs, nanlanotto. in the fifth, lemay hue standing in. deep and gone. two-run job off williams. makes it 4-1, collies.
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rockies 8 home runs in the series. cameron rough down swinging darin rough dug out passes as well and radio veer swinging at the heat. phillies lose their 7th straight out, 4-1. >> they had our number. and you know i mean you have somebody's number you don't wind of losing games. it's one of those deals we fish we could face him again because i'm ticked off about going down like that. onto the next series focus on the ids reds. >> that's on tuesday. >> tomorrow at the annual phillies festival the proceeds will go to find a fewer for als. check this bunt from the yankees a's game last night. the ball rolls back and fort worth on the third baseline. almost like it's on a string. you have got to grab it at some
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point. the guys decide not to. it is a fair ball. seven often seven drills this week as the eagles workouts continue. can mark sanchez push for the starting job? >> chip kelly brought his up tempo offense to the nfl two years ago. speed has been the name of the game. the plan remains the same but the components have changed as the offensive mastermind removed knowles and added bradford and tebow to the quarterback mix. this week both qbs explain their excitement to work with kelly's offense. >> it's fun. i haven't gotten to run it. but watching it on tape talking about it. i love the techo, how fast we play. i think it fits my style of game making quick decisions. >> i think he is an innovator. he is someone who wherever he has been he has changed the way the game is played in a lot of
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different ways. i've done similar stuff in the fast and i enjoy it. i think it's an offense that really keeps defenses on their heels? a lot of different ways. with tempo, with formations playing fast. >> schwan chez returned to the nest because he was assured he would get a chance to compete for the starting job. he just didn't know it was going to be against bradford. meanwhile, the addition of tebow means competition for barkley for back up. both are excited to prove they belong. >> every year there is some sort of competition, whether with yourself or someone else or someone you've been on the team with before. no matter what stage you are at, you have got to be driven by something, whether it's another player trying to take your spot, it works. >> all of us coming into that quarterback room walk in the huddle you act like you are the starter. that's the only way i know how to play. as soon as you start thinking or counting, i wonder if this guy is going to be healthy, then you are beat. there is no point being out here. everybody wants to be the starter and i'm no different.
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photo shoot fresh, nfl rookies gathered in los angeles for their first professional trading card shoot, including the quarterback's eagles marcus mariota. instead, nelson aguilar out of usc. >> we'll hear from demarco murray on his impressions of philadelphia when we come back.
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pennsylvania governor tom wolf could be at odds with state lawmakers this week. the senate is expected to vote on the confirmation of selftop advisors but some of wolff's choices may not be a slam dunk. the state trooper's union has opposed his choice to lead the fence fence state police. and marcus brown is said not to have enough votes to win confirmation. wolff's choice for secretary of state could also be in jeopardy. pedro cortez has been plamd for the controversy surrounding an abortion clinic in philadelphia. john quickly will also go before
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state lawmakers this week. he has been nominated to lead the department of environmental protection. despite concerns he might be antibusiness law make urs now expect him to be confirmed. that's it for us today as i say good-bye for this last time. >> signing off in style, veteran and venerable journalist bop schaeffer was the face of face the nation for 24 years. and today, he said good-bye. but he didn't do it alone. the 78-year-old chose to share his last sign off with all the people who make the cbs sunday morning program happen. she is the oldest woman to ever complete a marathon. still ahead, the inspiration behind this woman's amazing journey and what keeps her running.
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nbc 10 news starts now. beau biden was known to many as a dedicated public servient action loving father of two, and a devoted partner to the woman he loved. his death is another blow to the
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delaware family that has seen tsd share of tragedies. vice president joed bien is now making funeral plans after the loss of his eldest son to brain cancer. he was diagnosed with brain cancer two years ago and lost his battle saturday at walter read medical center in maryland. nbc 10 national reporter brian moore has reaction from washington. >> reporter: sadly, the biden family is no stranger to tragedy. >> please welcome delaware attorney general beau biden. >> reporter: there was a time when beau biden seemed destined to follow in his father's footsteps. >> vice president of the united states, my father my hero joe biden. >> reporter: it was more than his name that made beau biden a rising political star. he was a decorated veteran of the iraq war as delaware's attorney general he fought against child predators and for a ban on assault weapons. >> the only time i needed a military style assault weapon is
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to tritrain to go to war or to go to war. >> reporter: above all, though he was a family man. that's what the biden family chose to highlight in announcinghill his death from brain cancer at age 46. the bidens said beau measured him as a husband, father, son, and brother. at age 3 he survived a car accident that killed his mother and sister. tragically echoed as beau biden leaves behind his own wife halle and their two children. he was honored sunday on the senate floor. >> such a fine young men. >> reporter: president and mrs. obama traveled to the vice president's mansion to pay their transports to their late friend remembering beau biden as a man of faith who made a difference. delaware's governor notes that beau biden is being mourned by leaders from both political parties, a measure of the man. in washington i'm brian moore, nbc 10 news. >> right now on nbc we have photos of biden and his
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family throughout the years. you can also read more of the tributes to his life. the death has put the spotlight on brain cancer. to an there is word of a new study that could impact those what have had a cancer that spreads to the brain from other places. doctors discovered that cancer that spreads through the brain did not respond to treatment. beau biden's cancer started in the brain. heavy rain means flood watches and warnings. you can see the storms we are tracking right now on the nbc 10 plert radar. a live look u.s.a. outside at center city where it's not raining just yet. it was a hot end to the month of way. but the start june will be very different. stranded in the storm, sheets of rain created pockets of flooding
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in parts of north jersey. check out this car, stranded on flooded out road in newark. in hoeb okayen they had to bring out the heavy equipment to free this car that could not make it through the rising waters. meteorologist michele grossman is tracking where the storms are right now. >> we had heavy rain in the poconos, also parts ofly high valley burke counties. but the bullseye was in east jersey, and northern new jersey. summer like storms with all the moisture. lightning, thunder, the beingest threat heavy localized downpours causing localized flooding. purple indicating the chance of small hail. darker shading indicating heavy downpours. lights of lightning in redding, heavy downpours in redding. burks county getting hit right now. chester county westchester getting rain also. that's the story the next couple of hours. the cold front is moving very,
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very slowly. we are warm. you can see where the rain has done through. 65 in allentown. 77 in philadelphia. the cold front will work its way to the southeast very, very slowly over the next 6 36 hours. we're kind of going to be stuck in it on monday with the cold front staying future and bringing the chance for showers all day long and locally heavy downpours. as we go throughout the night we are watching for locally heavy downpours. by 2:00 same story. right through philadelphia and wilmington wilmington, parts of delaware. up through parts of central and northern new jersey. as weic with a up tomorrow lots of us commuting with the heavy downpours especially along the i-95 corridor and off to the south and east. the south and east will have the bullseye tomorrow in terms of the locally heavy rainfall. we will track that for you and also look at the seven-day. cat litigation gathered in philadelphia to send a message to church leaders. they believe it's hypocritical to celebrate the pope coming here to celebrate families when
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local parishes are closing. members of 11 sutter parishes rallied, lobbied and got signatures. they want the archbishop to review and reverse those decisions. they claim many of the churches were simply told you're done without an appeals process. >> but we were not afforded an opportunity to come up with different ideas. we were just told, so many churches had to close, and that was it. you had to reach the quota. >> they plan to continue holding these rallies throughout the summer. new at 11:00, passengers got a jolt when their bus crashed on the interstate? scranton. the bus was carrying 40 people from niagara falls to new york city when it crashed into a barrier. the force of the crash caused parts of the buses windshield to come host. passengers were brought to the hospital to get checked out. injuries were minor.
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tonight marks one year since lewis krants died in plane crash. he was one of six people killed on may 31st of last year in bedford, massachusetts. the cofounder of the cats sellsy academy charter school also died. the plane was on its way to lat atlantic city when it crashed and burst into ims in a. an official cause of the kprash is expected soon from the national transportation safety board. documents released by investigators point to pilot error. preflight checks might not have been done properly. on friday students at the academy charter school in camden took part in memorial. the school dedicated a butterfly garden to its founders. a new urban garden will help feed families in need in camden. the garden state discovery museum helped spearhead this idea and the volunteers teamed up to plant a two acre urban garden at the neighborhood
11:43 pm
center at second street and cane avenue. it will have more than 44 varieties of fruits, vegetables and herbs. the space will also be used to host community programs like cooking classes, fall festivals, and dinners. hog tied and left to die a. case of animal abuse sparks outrage in our area. how you can help solve this case next. another hot and humid day. temperatures around 92 degrees in philadelphia. now we are tracking strong storms with heavy downpours. we'll do that after the break.
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temperatures around 92 degrees
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new at 11:00, police in month pocono want to find the person who left a dog for dead. on friday, a woman found the dog hog tied to a pole in monroe county. this rushed her to the vet where she is being treated for a severe case of make. her feet are also extremely spoel swollen.
11:46 pm
police are still looking for the dog's owner. animal rescue workers say they are dealing with an overwhelming a. abuse cases lately. a public hearing is set for this week to consider expanding a new jersey's annual bear hunt n. march, the state fish and game council approved adding a second six-week hunt in october. it would also make the hunting zones bigger and increase the number of bears people can claim. right now there is only one hunt in december. the public can weigh in on the proposal at a hearing tuesday in trenton. the iconic hollywood park racetrack grand stand was destroyed this morning in a controlled implosion. it played host to 75 years of horse racing in the los angeles area. the implosion clears the way for a proposed $2 billion football stadium entertainment, and residential complex. the racetrack was built in 1938 and closed down in 2013. prices at the pump jump n.
11:47 pm
fact the national average price for regular reached its highest price of the year on memorial day. according to triple a, the national average is now $2.74 a gallon. analysts say prices will likely top out soon as long as there isn't a big change in crude oil crisis. here's a lock at how prices stack up around our region. the average in the five county philadelphia area is $2.86. drivers can expect to pay about 2.67 in delaware and $2.49 in south jersey. 30 years ago today a deadly f-4 tornado ripped through central pennsylvania. more than 40 twisters tore across three states and canada. 90 people were killed. more than five dozen of them in pennsylvania alone. it was the deadliest tornado outbreak in pennsylvania history. now our nbc 10 flertd
11:48 pm
weather. >> luckily, no tornadoes today. but we had locally heavy rainfall. up to three inches in spots. we are adding to those numbers over the next 36 hours. we'll continue to watch for a chance of showers and thunderstorms with heavy downpours. leading to localized flooding. we've already seen it in some parts of the area. especially north and west of the poconosly high valley burks county. also the chance for gusty winds. winds gusting at 60 at times today to the north and west. radar showing us the tracking storms at this hour. lightning, thunder, locally heavy done pores. the bullseye right now, burks county,ly high county poconos still, parts of montgomery county and central bucks county. that will be the story over the next couple of hours. if you are out and about tonight be careful with the thunderstorms out there. closer to the city, dry right now. mostly cloudy skies. we are warm. we are humid. that will had ep to aid the storms over the next few hours in philadelphia. temperatures to the north and west 65 in allentown.
11:49 pm
67 in redding. 66 in pottstown. cooler inmount pocono. warm air, 77 in philadelphia. tomorrow not as hot. we reached 92 degrees today. it will still be humid. with the cold front in place parked over us we see the showers and thunderstorms continuing overnight tonight, into monday and tuesday, clearing out finally on wednesday. this is a look at the commute hour on monday. we are looking for the chance of scattered storms. any of these storms have the potential to drop a lot of rain in a short amount of time. same story by 1:00. not a widespread event but locally heavy with the darker shading indicating those heavy downpours. by 6:00, that threat is mainly over philadelphia. to the south and east and parts of southern new jersey. that continues monday night into tuesday. the bullseye becomes parts of southern new jersey into tuesday. and that could linger for most of tuesday. it's going to take a while to
11:50 pm
get out of southern new jersey and finally that cold front will clear the area by later on tuesday, setting us up for a dry day on wednesday. tonight showers and shorms, 68 in philadelphia. 65 north and west. it's going to be warm tonight. humid. tomorrow not as warm, but temperatures around 9, 80 degrees in philadelphia. more showers and rms show. locally heavy. if you are out and about on monday, bring the umbrella. if you hear thunderstorms, be careful with the lolly heavy downpours especially if you are driving. seven-day forecast. 80 on monday. tuesday, mostly cloudy more rain. starting the clearing process from north to southeast. temperature 69 degrees. a big kirchs. wednesday, partly cloudy and nice, 74. friday things start to change. we get closer to the weekend and soupier weather. more humidity back on friday. 82 saturday. breezy on sunday with a high of
11:51 pm
81. coming up later from demarco murray on why he can't wait to play on chip kelly's offense. >> a big weekend of rugby comes to an end. that's next. [baseball crowd noise] ♪ ♪ [x1 chime] ♪ ♪ [crowd cheers] oh! i can't believe it!
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[cheering] hi, grandma! ♪
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danny bombels you once again. storm clouds are coming in the forecast. for the phillies they are in the midst of their own dark dloud. their losing streak was extended to seven after a 4-1 loss to the rockies at citizen's bank park. colorado sweeps their first series ever in philadelphia. the rockies had more home runs in the series, with eight, than the phillies had total runs at 4. here's ryne sandberg on his team's struggles. >> the last week we haven't been able to cash in on the offensive side of things have a couple guys get hot carry us with big hits, score some runs on the pitching side of things we made some mistakes over the plate and
11:54 pm
it has cost us with the long ball with crooked numbers going against us. that combination has not been good the last week. >> mistakes struggles, it's going to help make a lot of people better player better person. say we can just turn our backs on each other. that would make it worse. >> check this out. rangers down 3-2 against the red sox. bottomline nine pinch hitter jush jash hamilton sends one into the gap. rangers 4-3 win, walk off victory. check this out, teammates attempt to give him a gatorade bagtd but drench the reporter doing the post game interview. she is wearing white. wearing white and drenched in red. brewers and diamondbacks 7th inning maldonado walk off home
11:55 pm
run. 16 pitchers were used in the game that went on almost six hours. milwaukee comes out on top, 7-6. jimmy johnson was looking to make history in dover with a win. he could become the first driver to win ten drivers at a single track. two laps to go in this one, greg biffle into mears' bumper. takes out busch. johnson holds off harvick within forth the tenth time at the monster mile. eagles now. mccoy was traded to buffalo. eagles thought frank gore was waiting in wings. he changed course and went to indianapolis. kelly signed demarco murray. he is tasked with replacing the franchise's all time leading rusher. murray talks about his
11:56 pm
adjustment from the cowboys more traditional approach. >> these guys go fast. i have been able to get adjusted to it i'm excited. we have a lot of great players and great coaches we are building something special. >> last year if we had told you he would be part of philadelphia eagles what would you have said. >> i'm surprised to be mere but happy to be here as well. >> second half tied at 12. wolfer breaks a tackle and gts a tri. hawks up. no time left joseph money when it mattered most. fighting irish beat st. joe's 22-17. the cup final. call game. tied late in the game.
11:57 pm
body slams a i player. yellow card was issues. jake anderson takes advantage of the mismatch breaks a tackle and scores the winning try. call wins its third straight national title here in chester 17-12. anna for quist wins the shop right lpga championship at 8 under par. i'm danny bombels. we'll be right back. there are a lot of channels on your tv but only so many you want to watch what if you could pay for the types of channels you want and not the ones you don't now, fios brings you a totally new way to customize your tv.
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starting at $74.99 per month with no annual contract. get custom tv, including internet and phone. price guaranteed for two years. or from now until june 8th get a $400 visa prepaid card when you we'll be right back. go to cable just gives you channels. fios gives you choice. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v
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here is a story that will
12:00 am
make you feel like a total slacker. a 92-year-old two-time cancer survivor became the oldest woman ever to complete a marathon. did i mention she is 92 years old. harriot they wereson of north carolina ran the san diego rock and roll marathon. she was running to raise money for the leukemia and lymphoma society for her son who was recentlied diagnosed with cancer. congratulations. youth football is a tradition in towns across the country. but one league in utah is breaking the mold. the teams are girls only. joe fire shows us how the league is creating excitement and some concern. >> set, hut. >> reporter: on a practice field in the shadow of utah's tranquil mountains pony tails dangling from helmets may be the only giveaway that this is the country's first known tackle football league for fifth and sixth grade girls.
12:01 am
>> giving me a rush. hearing the pads like click always makes me smile, i guess. >> reporter: 12 yearly sam gore don, a 4'6" running back helped get it start. three years ago she graced the front of a wheatie's box after her highlight reel went viral. the video showed gordon breaking tackles and scoring touchdowns in a full contact league for boys. >> good job, ladies. >> reporter: they created a league of their own with room for 50 players. you filled up all the spots in three days. what does that tell you? >> it tells me that a lot of girls wanted to play tackle football. >> reporter: girls like johna tucker. a couple years ago she documentsed her dreams in a letter. >> when i'm 30 years old i want to be the first defail mail nfl player. >> reporter: you can imagine her excitement when she heard about the league. >> my mom, she got the e-mail at 6:30 and had me signed up by
12:02 am
6:35 because she knew how much i wanted to play. >> reporter: there are four teams. >> run straight through the cone. >> reporter: this is one of the coaches. >> you can be a girl off the field. on the field you are a football player so i need you to be aggressive. >> reporter: this new program comes at a time of heightened concern over concussions. the adults who run the leagues are certified to teach safer tackling and blocking techniques. >> they know all the safety protocols in order to run a safer football league. >> reporter: johna tucker's mom knows the risks but trusts the league. >> she is doing she loves and far be it from me because i have a fear of that happening that i doesn't allow her to play. >> reporter: what these girls truly hope to tackle are stereotypes. >> one, two, three, g.! >> reporter: nbc news west jordan utah. >> way to go. i liked seeing that.
12:03 am
>> that's nbc 10 news for now, for all of us here, have a good night. dear stranger, when i booked this trip, my friends said i was crazy. why would i stay in someone else's house? but this morning a city i've never been to felt like one i already knew.
12:04 am
i just wanted to thank you for sharing your world with me. it felt like home. airbnb. belong anywhere.
12:05 am
that hbo logo when it came on when i sat down with my friends, that static hbo thing came on that was a very emotional moment. it felt like, wow. >> doug eling, creator and writer of hbhbo's hit series "entourage" known for its dead-on portrayal of the show business lifestyle. >> people thought it was so real that they thought it was mimicking exactly what was happening in hollywood. >> and featuring cameos from the biggest names in hollywood and sports. >> tom brady. >> tom was like a no entourage, call me direct, i'll be wherever you need me. >> while he had early success, ellin's career hit


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